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Zach Zoller

Well, I suppose I'll have to write something about myself now.

The about part

Living on the boarder of Washington and Oregon, the Pacific Northwest is home.

This is my 17th year working in film and video production and my 8th year owning and operating Zoller FilmZ, LLC.

While occasionally I hire on extra crew I do most everything myself from start to finish. This helps keep costs down and quality control up.
That doesn't mean I can't take on big projects as you can see from my portfolio.
It also means, when you contact me, you are talking to the person that will be handling your project personally.
I spent 4 years working on narrative films in Hawaii and Los Angeles both on independent projects and studio work. Some of those projects included Disney's "Oz the Great and Powerful" and Troublemaker Studios "Predators".
Because of my background in filmmaking I take a very cinematic approach to my craft. I want every piece I create to be something I am proud to showcase.
In 2012 my wife and I made the move back to the Pacific Northwest to raise our two sons and start Zoller FilmZ, LLC. 

Mud, studios, rain, saltwater, and everything in between

While I do love the controlled studio environment I am no stranger to, and won't shy away from, the difficult and unique opportunities.
I've filmed class V whitewater in and outside of the river many times over. I've spent weeks in the Fijian jungle documenting a local village. I've flown into remote landing strips of the No Return Wilderness and filmed wildlife in snow storm conditions. I've taken my equipment on horseback and hiked to 10,000 feet to capture the story on camera. Snow, mud, saltwater, it solidifies the memories all the better.
Sam and Zach.png
What started with my grandpa, Phil Zoller, in 1973 has become 4 generations of whitewater river rafting.
I started working for the family business at age 11 and still love to hit the river whenever possible.
Not only did that family business teach me good work ethic but gave me some unique skills that I have applied to my film work.
And, hey, if you want to go rafting, now you know exactly where to go -
My dad and I competing at the Clackamas Whitewater Festival.
Video credit: Ben Nieves
My sister Rachel and I run a YouTube channel together.
It's a nice mix of getting to spend time in the outdoors and time with family.
It also serves as a fun creative outlet where I don't have to adhere to any particular constraints artistically or creatively.
Sometimes it's a sunny walk through the forest sometimes it's a cold day of hiding the camera from rain and wind but it's always an adventure.

Sibling work | Yellow Elanor


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Zach Zoller

Zoller FilmZ, LLC

Based in the Pacific Northwest

Working With Clients Nationwide

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